Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Brian’s Travel Techniques

Brian’s presentation was about the luggage that he carries on board when he travels by airplane.  

Ho hum a ‘carry on’ about not very much you might be thinking.  Well in one sense you would be right, but it was the ‘not very much’ which enthralled those who listened to what he had to say.

Brian is what one might call a ‘well-seasoned’ traveller.  Experience has given him a minimalist approach to toting luggage.

No wheeled case for him.  A carry bag is less than half the weight.  Rolling the clothes to pack saves room and keeps clothes in a presentable condition.  Wash and wear and packing clothes that can be discarded is another way of making more room so that you can bring home the things that you really want. 

There were many ideas but perhaps the best of all was a vest which has 21 pockets which can accommodates a computer tablet, umbrella, phone, ipod and many other useful items.  And because it is worn, its weight doesn’t count.

All in all it was a talk about not very much but well worth the ‘carry on’.

Thanks Brian.

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