Sunday, 3 June 2018

Another Great Excursion – The Trydel Car Collection.

Among an array of imported motor vehicles, memorabilia, two motor bikes and one push bike, were several iconic representatives of our now defunct Australian car manufacturing industry, including a Hartnet (an early victim of a Government withdrawing support) and the one of the last Holdens produced locally.
Generations of technological advancement and design, changes in passenger comfort, and the degrees of ostentation were... as diverse as the items in the collection.

The second storey retro diner, extensive bric a brac collection, the library, and theatre were also a surprise and a treat to see.

An external storage area contains a range of vintage vehicles awaiting restoration. This suggests that this comprehensive display is one segment of our motor industry which continues to have a future.

Our thanks to our hosts Terry and Marcia Dowell for the opportunity to visit something much, much more, than a car collection.

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