Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Trips Being Planned

A trip to the Vietnam Museum on Philip Island has been planned for April 13th. Interested? . . . see Andras.

We are hoping to set up a lunch as well so the earlier you make your interest known the better.

Rudi is planning a fun walk for this Thursday, meet at Essex Park Community.

We are having a repeat visit to the Sporting Shooters Range at Springvale on the 4th March for $25 each.

A fishing trip is currently being planned, a good option seems to be $60 for a four hour trip from Rye Pier, probably mid April.

Other News

  • We will be outside Bunnings cooking sausages so call round and buy one!
  • Mobile cool room wanted for the car show barby, do you know anyone who could help with one for the day?
  • Also best wishes to President Trevor who is recuperating at home following some time in Hospital.

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