Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mens Shed 2nd Walk (or was it the 3rd?)

Mens Shed 2nd Walk (or was it the 3rd?)
"The day was grey and gloomy,
The billy goat was blind,
It backed into a barbed-wire fence,
And scratched its ..... never mind"

No, there was no billy goat, nor were there any barbed wire fences to crawl under this time, but the day certainly started out to be grey and gloomy with some drizzle on the way. Nevertheless, seven undaunting men from the Endeavour Hills Mens Shed (and one dog), met at 10am on this Thursday morning, 5th October 2017, to go on another of Rudi Oost's walks. This time Rudi wisely proposed a two-headed walk - a long one for the "young hearts", and a short one for the "old f--ts". I was with the more mature group. (As it turned out though, we ended up with ONE WALK and ONE GROUP).

We set off at a steady pace - set by Rudi, though a few "stragglers" chose to set their own pace and were soon left behind. We all caught up at the traffic lights however, as we turned off the freeway and followed a regular walking track. None of us really knew where we were headed, but we trusted our fearless leader as he led the way, with GREEN umbrella held high! We even had a "cross-country skier" with us and he did pretty well, bouncing the rubberised ends of the "poles" off the tarmac as we walked along.

Although it drizzled on and off and came down heavy at one stage, we were all in good spirits. We chatted as we walked along, swapping stories, commenting on current affairs and getting to know one another. We reached our half-way mark (marked by Rudi's green umbrella) about fifty minutes or so later. Here we posed (along with "wonderdog", Willow), for our "half way photo", before we continued on our way back to our cars. We saw one of the "locals" out in his (or her) backyard, but he (or she) just stood and stared at us as we walked past. We must have looked like a "motley bunch" to him (or her). With "gender equality" so much in the news, it is hard to say whether it was "a him" or "a her" - and besides the tall grass covered the "identifying signs"!

That said, we all landed safely back at the car park at the Endeavour Hills Mens Shed well before midday ..... AND THEN THE SUN CAME OUT!

But we were pleased with ourselves, so "Thank You, Rudi" for organising this walk for us - we look forward to the next one!

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