Monday, 2 October 2017

A Presentation by  Roger Mendes – ‘Stroke Safe Ambassador’.

Nine years ago Roger went to a car dealership to collect his car.  What happened next and the 12 months of hospital rehabilitation that followed he cannot recall.  Roger had suffered a stroke.  His right side was paralysed and the former accountant manager was unable to communicate to his wife, his children and those around him.

It took seven years of slow recovery for him to rebuild his life to the stage where he could again look to the future and perceive a role in which he could again contribute to the community.

Roger, is able to move around but only in a limited capacity, due to fatigue, and also uses a wheelchair to assist him with getting around.

Roger is now a volunteer ‘Stoke Safe Ambassador’ for the Stroke Foundation.  With the support of his wife and children and the aid of a carer, a speech therapist, an occupation therapist and with his determination, Roger, is now speaking to community groups about his experience, the life altering effects of stroke, risk factors, prevention and recognition.

But this is not all.  Roger is now aiming to take up a voluntary position with Vision Australia, to equip himself to re-enter the workforce.

On Tuesday morning we had the privilege of being the first group to receive Roger’s presentation.

Roger is an inspiration.  He freely answered many questions which followed his presentation.

Well done and thank you Roger.

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