Wednesday, 27 September 2017

On Thursday September 7th, Rudi Oost organised the Endeavour Hills Mens Shed's first WALK. It had rained the day before, but the sky had cleared and the morning was cool. The men met at 10am - the whole TWO of us, Peter Ramsbotham and Rudi Oost! We were going to see THE BATS! Oh, I forgot - we also had Peter's dog, Willow, along.

We followed the freeway for a while, but as it veered off to the left, we turned right to cut across the fields - "A BUSH WALK", Rudi called it. And there were BUSHES all right, plenty of them! Rudi led the way, the dog followed, dragging Peter along. Barbed wire fences were no obstacles for the "fearless leader" - he just stood on the lowest rung and pulled apart the upper one with his BARE HANDS for the dog and Peter to get under, before he scraped through himself without a SCRATCH!
"How much further Rudi?" the question was asked as we trudged through bush and mud and puddles. "Over there", was the reply as he waved his hand toward the distant, blue yonder, "You can hear them!" (It actually turned out the noise we heard were frogs "croaking to glory" in a large pond that was "uncrossable",  so that we had to retreat a ways back the way we came, to find an alternate route.)

Rudi knew his way though, and after confirming the directions from a bunch of kids on an  excursion from a local school, we arrived at "BAT ISLAND". It was a sight to behold! Around 2000  bats (FLYING FOXES) - we did not count them, we were told this by the leading authority of the school excursion - hung upside down and did not BAT AN EYE-LID! They were asleep and neither the squawking of the crows, nor the croaking of the frogs appeared to disturb them in the least!

We strolled through the wet lands for a while, spotting a variety of native birds along the way, before we made our merry way back to the Endeavour Hills Mens Shed. It was "merry", because Rudi sang a Dutch song to Peter and his dog about HOLLAND and WINDMILLS  - But that is another story for another WALK!

What a great journey!   Rudi's next walk will be on Thursday 5th October.  Meet 10.00 a.m. Essex Park Community Place 10.00 a.m. weather permitting.

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