Saturday, 23 September 2017

Our Contingent paid a visit to the Sporting Shooters Association Rifle Range at Springvale.

And they are, 'Laurie's Formidable Fusiliers' (about to line up to get their fusils).

On Sunday afternoon 17/9/2017, Laurie organised a Mens Shed outing at the Springvale Shooting Range. Some of the men had gun licenses, others had not held a gun, let alone fired one in over forty years! The sky was blue, but the targets were "small"!

On arrival at the gun club we were each given a .22 rifle with a 50 round box of ammunition and STRICT INSTRUCTIONS to point the gun to the roof, as we were marched off in single file to our shooting area. There we lay prone on a camp mattress on the floor and peered through our gun sights at our cardboard targets. 

I could have sworn that I had firmly stapled my target to the canvas 50 metres away with FIVE staples, but the damn thing kept "moving around" as I tried to find it through the scope attached to the top of my rifle - I was only allowed to use ONE EYE!

Midway through our shooting we were given the order to "CEASE FIRE!" We emptied our chambers, stuck the yellow flag into the gun barrel to indicate that it was empty, laid our guns down and stood back behind THE YELLOW LINE. The red light above us was turned off and the green light came on which indicated that we were allowed to go outside to our targets and inspect them if we wanted to, while other shooters who were there before us collected their targets.

Well, I think we all did pretty well at aiming at our targets. The fence was still standing and there were no dead birds lying around! We returned to our shooting area, and completed our round of shells. Once again after the all clear was given, we collected our targets and brought them back to the shooting area where we congratulated each other on our shooting abilities. 

It appeared that Peter the novice had done slightly better than the others, but not wanting to boast, he called it "beginner's luck"!

All in all it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thank you Laurie!

Well, judge for yourself.  Here are the results (less one formidable?) 

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