Friday, 1 September 2017

Items From Our Bulletin Vol 1 No.6

Continuing with the 'best of Our Bulletin' while our regular Blogger soaks up the rays in some exotic destination.

City of Casey Update

We are now getting along better with the City of Casey and the committee has replied to them re the ongoing use of the Essex Park Drive Community Centre. Council proposed a lease over the two storage rooms with exclusive use by EHMS and a license over the remaining area to use the kitchen, toilets, and other areas.

What happened on Tuesday?
Public Speaking

Member and treasurer Tony Phillips did an excellent icebreaker speech which included his entry to Australia as a “10-pound pom” (that's sterling, not his birth weight) and his subsequent business in packaging using weight based contents rather than volume.

Laurie the gave an ‘off the cuff’ speech about himself and public speaking introducing the 'ice' concept to the shed.  The members 'warmed' to his presentation

What is ICE?
Integrity, credibility and empathy.  

Well done guys!  There is more to come next week Ivan will speak and any other members are welcome to do so.
Master of Ceremonies Andras once gain did an excellent job, managing the session.

Our Program

We want your ideas, activities, guest speakers and excursions.  Remember we now have the centre from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

  • Thursday 7th September Rudi’s Walking Club to see the bat colony meet at 10.00am
  • Wednesday 13th September – Men’s Shed Cluster Meeting at Warragul see attachment to this bulletin. Contact Tony Phillips if you want to go.
  • Sunday 17th September Laurie’s Visit to the Sporting Shooters Association on the Princes Hwy between the cemetery and the overpass meet there at 1.00 pm cost $25 per person.
  • Thursday 21st September Rudi’s Riders are off to Berwick - the peloton will meet at Essex Park Community Place meet at 10.00 am, weather permitting.

Rudi's Notes

Rudi's Walkers: 
We certainly stepped out on our first walk to Lysterfield Lake.
We walked half way around the lake when it was suggested that to make the walk a little longer, we should turn right instead of left.  A short time later we came across a mob of Kangaroos about 130, they stayed where we found them ... doing what kangaroos do.

Rudi's Riders:
We followed the track to the Eastern Freeway, turned left to the Princes Hwy overpass where the freeway construction crew made a lovely park.  Then over to Yarraman railway station, past Dandenong show grounds and then followed the Dandy creek track home.

We had a lovely ride with some drizzle and lots of cool air.

PS.  Remember we only ride as fast and as far as the slowest rider.

Ivan Dresses Up!
Here is another example of repair and refurbishment. Ivan has dressed up this dressing table.  Unwanted, unloved and left behind Ivan spotted it. He took it home to his workshop and dressed it up.  It is destined for its new home in a kindergarten.

Our Building Fund
We have set a target of $100,000 for our building fund which currently stands at $14807.06.
 Anyone with spare cash, an unwanted inheritance (cash, valuables, or real-estate) or fundraising ideas please speak to us. We need all of the help that we can get!

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