Friday, 1 September 2017

Items From Our Bulletin Vol 1 - N0. 5

Our regular blogger is globe trotting, so in the meantime here is a selection of items from our Bulletin

Meting With City of Casey
On Tuesday afternoon Trevor and myself went to see council officers to discuss what they have done regarding searching for sites for a permanent home for the EHMS. Trevor will give a complete report at next Tuesday meeting as we are expecting further word council before then. I was very impressed with our Presidents excellent performance in the meeting.

What happened on Tuesday?

Toastmaster Paul (Intro to public speaking)
Andras introduced Paul and Paul continued with the introduction to public speaking with the second speech in the Toastmaster Series “organise your speech”. The speech was entitled “So you want to travel overseas”.

Two other members also did the icebreaker, well done to Rob and Ton.

There is more to come next week.

Memory Master Andras
Andras chaired a session on Memory and Movies. This relied on drawing skills.  A bit like charades but we had to identify the firm through the drawings.  Some were impossible, some were better than but none would win the Archibald Prize.

Andras then laid out umpteen articles on a table and after about 10 seconds he covered them up and, in teams, we had to write down those that we remember.

And here we are looking at the things that we didn't remember (there may be speculation that someone have added most of them after they were covered up!

The Rocking Horse.
It came from the Narre North Op shop to the Men's Shed in need of repair.  Its handles were missing, it needed sanding and a couple of coats of varnish.

We are hoping that the Council will soon give us more space at Essex Park.  We will then have a small workshop.  In the meantime, some of our members are using their own sheds to carry out these tasks.  it's not idea but at least we can make a contribution to community organisations this way.

We are now open on Tuesday 10 am until 3.00 pm
Last week we reported that we were hoping for extended hours. This week we have them.
This means that we have 5 hours on a Tuesday rather than 2. We now  need to review of our programs to match the longer hours. Some members are already planning new things any other ideas should be raised at the meeting or with the committee.

Free Sausages!
The next sausage sizzle will be on 31st August 20th October These are currently our major fundraisers.  If you can assist it shares the load … and every helper gets a free sausage!

New Members!
Welcome to our newest member Bob Innes who did his icebreaker speech on Tuesday.

Our New Building Fund
We have set a target of $100,000 for our building fund which currently stands at $14807.06.
Anyone with fundraising ideas please talk to the committee, we need all the help we can get.

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