Saturday, 5 August 2017

News from the last meeting

Grant Win

We have just got news that we are the recipients of a $3,000 grant from Casey Council.

The grant is based on helping us with the following.
  • $1,500 Power Tools.
  • $1,000 Video Equipment.
  • $300 Assistance with social activities.
  • $200 Safety equipment.

Public Speaking

Paul was telling us about his experiences in improving his ability to speak in public.

Something that can be really useful.

He then gave a few of us a chance to try one of the techniques he learned at Toastmasters.

It involved being asked to talk for one minute about a random object.

Some of the object that people tried were:
  • An Aussie Flag glasses case.
  • A Union Jack paperweight.
  • A computer camera.
  • A portable speaker.
  • A wooden puzzle.

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