Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mens Shed Helps To Treat Depression

At the meeting today Dr. Mathew Jakab (son of Andras) came along to talk with us about Depression.

Some of the points covered in his talk, and the resulting discussions, were;

  • Depression can be considered as a loss of enjoyment of life, particularly when you no longer enjoy the things that would normally give you pleasure.
  • Although stress is a key contributor to depression you need a little stress to motivate you to get on with things. 
  • Some of the techniques of alleviating depression are; Building relationships with other people, Looking after your health, Finding a purpose.
  • Being involved in activities such as a Mens Shed used many of these techniques and could reduce the risk of developing depression by 50%.
  • As well as exercise looking after your health included, Healthy Eating and relaxation such as listening to music.
If you, or someone you know, are a concern two of the questions to ask are;
  1. Are you feeling down. (YES is a concern particularly if the answer incluses something like 'hopeless' or 'its just ongoing')
  2. Have you been doing anything you enjoy recently. (NO is a further concern)


  1. Dr Jakab was well worth me and my fellow members to attend today's meeting, thanks so much to his father Andras for arranging him.

  2. Good practical info. Thanks Matthew.

    Good summary Brian.