Saturday, 24 June 2017

Doveton College, A Possible Venue?

Last Tuesday some of our members went down to Doveton College after it was suggested it could be a possible venue for workshop type activities.


There is a good joinery workshop for students and it can be made available to the community when the timetable permits.  

However, there is no room to store materials or works in progress.  

If we are to utilise it we will need to come up with a way of working within those constraints.  

Hands On Learning'  House

 A house which accommodates the 'Hands On Learning' program is located in a residential street opposite the school.  

The program encouraged a hands on experience for those students who benefit from this sort of activity. 

There is a small single car garage on the premises but no tools but little room to store materials and equipment.  

The premises are not used on certain days, however, to utilise the facilities we would need to have a feasible/meaningful project in mind.

Some Thoughts

Having regard to the constraints that we would need to work within, it will need considerable planning  a practical program before we could be more involved.

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