Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Introduction to Modelling

 This week we got an introduction to modelling from one of our newer members Vin Wragg.

These super detailed models show an amazing amount of skill.

Although It would seem a lot of patience is required Vin says that once you get into the swing of things it can go together quite quickly.

What is inside a computer?

This week Stan's computer session was based on understanding whats inside the computer box.

Members were challenged to get a desktop computer up and running and then have a look inside the tower to check on the systems.

Great result from Bunnings Barby

Last week we ran the sausage sizzle outside the Hallam Bunnings and raised over $1,000 towards our Building Fund.

Quite a few of tickets for our Fathers Day raffle were also sold!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Endeavour Hills Men's Shed Active In Our Community

The blokes of the Endeavour Hills Men's Shed have been involved in a number of community projects throughout the area since we began 18 months ago.\
 Picnic tables at Cardinia Reservoir and Churchill National Park, possum boxes for Chalcot Lodge Primary and playground equipment (from recycled pallets) for two kindergartens. 
We welcome blokes to joins us for our social program, excursions or practical community projects. 
We recently obtained a grant for tools and equipment from the City of Casey but we really need a shed as we rely on members, garages, patios and carports to do our community projects. We hope that our petition will bring us some success. We need more signatures and support.  For more info email endeavourhills.mensshed@gmail.com

'Men Make It Happen' Again At Churchill National Park

Men of The Endeavour Hills Men's Shed were getting stuck into refurbishing the picnic tables at Churchill National Park again. 

We are now waiting to hear from Parks Vic about our next voluntary next project. 

In the meantime, with 40 members (and growing), we really need a site for our shed.

We have a petition underway asking the Casey Council to support us in identifying a site for our shed. For more info contact:
Our video doesn't appear to be uploading so here are a some photos.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

A Big Step Forward

Over the last year we have been working towards a permanent home where we can set up things like a carpentry workshop.

This week we have received a letter from Parks Victoria, the owner of Sydney Pargeter Reserve, saying they supported the idea of of a men's shed being erected on the reserve 

There is still a way to go before we can start construction as we will need to:
  • Decide on a prefered layout.
  • Negotiate with the City of Casey (who manage the Reserve)
  • Apply for planning and building permits.
  • Continue to raise funds.
  • Apply for grants.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Possum Boxes For Chalcot Primary.

Rudi and Hans delivered our completed Possum Boxes ready for painting by the students.

Rudi said that the colours chosen were so bright that he doubts that any animal will have the courage to go near them,

Rudi, Hans, Lauren (teacher) and the kids had fun and we are all pleased that the Men's Shed had the opportunity to be involved in the project.

Our thanks to Bowens Hallam for donating the marine ply for the project.

Until we have site where we can build our own shed we have to rely on the facilities that our members have at home.

It is not ideal and it limits what can do but it is one way that we can deliver community projects.

Our building fund is increasing but the most important thing at this stage is for the Council to assist us in identifying a site for our permanent home.

Our next project is building items for a local kindergarten and this in now underway.

Great work guys. Living up to our motto 'Men Make It Happen'

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A movie, a chat, and some snags

It's movie for some.

A social chat for others. 


And snags being prepared for us all.

But we can only look at the tools in our store until we have our own shed and space for a workshop

We have been patiently waiting for the Council to assist us with a site, so that we can build our own shed.  In the meantime, we respond to community requests for our help by working off-site.

With a collection of used pallets from Bunnings for our next community project is getting underway. We have been asked to build some outdoor play equipment out of pallets, for the children at David Collins Kinder, Endeavour Hills. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Brian’s Travel Techniques

Brian’s presentation was about the luggage that he carries on board when he travels by airplane.  

Ho hum a ‘carry on’ about not very much you might be thinking.  Well in one sense you would be right, but it was the ‘not very much’ which enthralled those who listened to what he had to say.

Brian is what one might call a ‘well-seasoned’ traveller.  Experience has given him a minimalist approach to toting luggage.

No wheeled case for him.  A carry bag is less than half the weight.  Rolling the clothes to pack saves room and keeps clothes in a presentable condition.  Wash and wear and packing clothes that can be discarded is another way of making more room so that you can bring home the things that you really want. 

There were many ideas but perhaps the best of all was a vest which has 21 pockets which can accommodates a computer tablet, umbrella, phone, ipod and many other useful items.  And because it is worn, its weight doesn’t count.

All in all it was a talk about not very much but well worth the ‘carry on’.

Thanks Brian.